Motival is an innovative social technology that helps you discover your personal values so that it is easier for you to use your inner strength to facilitate a better life - to choose a more pleasant job, to understand others and the world better, to achieve more in life.

What are values?
Everyone has their own values ​​that determine their attitude to life, behaviour and decision-making. Your values ​​are what matters most in your life. For instance, if the value of dedicating yourself to your family is important to you, you will be happy to spend time with your family and children together. If it is important for you to protect your homeland against external threats, you may find it exciting to work in the National Guard or to fight fake news on social networks.
Each of us is happy to do things that are in line with our values. The more often and with a higher engagement we do things, the more skilled we will become in that area. This is how our values shape our skills.

How Motival technology originated?
Our team members started to work on their value research already in 2002. This is when the first prototype of the technology was created. In the beginning, it was just our hobby and a hands-on tool for ourselves as experts in research and marketing.
In 2018, it was decided to make it our daily work - to launch a research project “Development of Values-Based Skills to Increase the Quality of Human Capital” which significantly expands the application of the technology and examines the opportunities for its application in a completely new field by linking human values ​​with its skills. This Site has been created as part of the Project.

What are the benefits and to whom?
The project is building a hands-on tool to help individuals, employers, educational institutions and public institutions benefit from the understanding of the labour market and skills demanded.
This will make it easier for you to identify your strengths and find the job that best suits your interests and abilities, to make a decision for significant life choices or purchases.
It helps employers to find engaged and motivated employees faster, as well as take better care for their retention and training.
It helps public authorities and educational institutions to better anticipate the future labour market and adapt their range of services or curricula to what will be in demand in the future rather than in the past.
The technology is still under development - this is the first prototype, and there is still a long way to go before the tool will make your life choices easier with just a few clicks on the Internet. The tests you complete on the site help both to get you to know yourself and to build the society of the future together.

Is there a scientific background for Motival?
Yes, the origins of formal value research are rooted in the research in the USA and Europe from the 1930s and 1950s (e.g. the work of economists and psychologists Philip Vernon, Gordon Alport, Abraham Maslow in the USA, Canada and other countries), although the concept is much older. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, social science researchers sought to explain the behaviour of individuals based on their values ​​(e.g. the work of the German philosopher Eduard Spranger and the American economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen). However, measuring values ​​is a very complex task. Therefore, it was not until the late 1960s that the first tools emerged, such as the methodology developed by the US scientist Milton Rokeach. In the 1990s, values research gained widespread use facilitated by Israeli researcher Shalom Schwarz and a number of other scholars who empirically demonstrated in more than 100 countries that the value system of all people is based on universal values, but there are differences across cultures and individuals. Unfortunately, during the last half-century, research technologies were still based on complex, tiresome and often inaccurate questionnaires - until the innovative Motival approach was developed.

What makes Motival innovative?
Thanks to the development of technology, our innovation has emerged - the ability to measure values ​​in minutes using image tests. Motival image test lasts 5-7 minutes and effectively replaces traditional >40 minutes long surveys, while Motival provides higher accuracy because the test is not exhausting and does not involve the need to interpret complex terms.
If, in addition to the image test, a person also performs a question test (10-15 minutes), a combination of both tests gives even more accurate results.
The interpretation of the results is based on the results of previous research - you get verified information about what is important for thousands of other people whose value profile is similar to yours. Thus, it is not a psychologist or researcher who describes you, but the statistics of former research.
Also, the images used in the tests did not come from the researchers but are uploaded by the users of the tests themselves (you also have the opportunity to upload them). Advanced machine learning algorithms help to assess compliance of the images with certain values ​​- the database is constantly updated and ensures its match with the values ​​of test participants.

Do value studies have any othe practical application?
Yes, it is very wide - anywhere from identifying personal development opportunities to different areas of the business. Our earlier research has been successfully used for the development of many well-known brands in Latvia - some of them are but not limited to brands of Swedbank, Balta (PZU Insurance), Compensa, Cēsu alus (Olvi Group), Aldaris (Carlsberg), Latvijas balzams, Amber Beverage Group, Latvijas Mobilais telefons, Tele 2, TET, Telia, Samsung, Elektrum, Lukoil, Elvi and many more. Value research has also been used by Latvia Public broadcasting companies, Road Traffic Safety Directorate, Latvian tourism brand development projects. The research technology has also been tested across more than 10 foreign countries in various business sectors, economic development issues and education.

Who are Motival developers?
Motival prototype is developed by Motival Development Limited Partnership, a company established for this purpose by Motival research company and Ex Novo innovation consultancy. The employees of these companies form the core of the project.
There are two our partners are engaged in the particular project - Aptauju centrs research company and a scientific institution -  the leading Latvian private university RISEBA School of Business, Arts and Technology.

Who finances the project?
Project funding is constituted by the private investment of project partners, as well as the co-financing from EU funds within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund funded project “Development of Values-Based Skills to Increase the Quality of Human Capital”.

How to get in touch with Motival?
We are happy to be contacted and ready to respond to the whole extent of our abilities by e-mail: .